Ron Franks | For Maryland
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District 18 is one of Maryland’s most engaged and diverse communities. Residents of the district demand strong, progressive leadership and responsive constituent service. Like so many who move to the Washington Metro Area, I decided to settle here because of the many great attributes of our neighborhood. Indeed, the wonderful people I've met and the many opportunities I have been afforded by the community have inspired me to serve.
For the past two years, I have served on the Mid-County Citizens Advisory Board in order to begin the work of giving back to the community I now call home. While serving on MCCAB I have seen first hand the affect recent development is having in our community. While our quality of life has improved dramatically in many ways, we must work to ensure we live up to our well-deserved reputation as Maryland’s leader in progressive policies. Challenges in education, transportation, the environment, criminal justice and equal access remain ever-present and require effective leaders to help solve them.  With your support, I plan to do everything in my power to provide that leadership and results.
I appreciate you visiting my website and  for your interest in making our community a more inclusive and equitable place for all.
Thank you,


Ron Franks